Helping Others ~ Remembering and Celebrating Dr. Fraser Mustard (1927-2011)

Source: ResilienC - Issue 16, 2011

Excerpt: "Every year at this time, RIRO reflects on the value of helping others. This issue is dedicated to celebrating the contribution and inspiration of Fraser Mustard, whose latest work on the importance of the early years was released just days after his death. Co-authored with Margaret Norrie McCain and Kerry McCuaig, the report includes the following tribute:

"Fraser's brilliance came from his ability to distill the complex story of the dance between nature and nurture and its effect on early brain development. He gave voice to three enduring messages that have permeated the popular culture: The years before 5 last a lifetime; It takes a village to raise a child and Pay now or pay later. He took those messages into boardrooms and government offices, to educators, health providers and families. He revisits them again with the latest evidence in Early Years Study 3.""


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