Provinces fill void on early education

Source: Toronto Star, November 22, 2011 (editorial by Charles Pascal)

Excerpt: "Almost six years ago, Stephen Harper scrapped a national early learning and care program, putting an end to arguably what would have been the most important contribution to nation-building since universal health care. In a report that came out Tuesday, Fraser Mustard (who passed away a week ago) and two colleagues suggest that when it comes to supporting early child development, we may be back to building a better Canada one province at a time. Using the thin veil of “choice” for parents, Harper substituted a so-called child-care program to provide parents 100 bucks per month for each child under 6 — enough to buy Aunt Emma a nice gift for minding the kids — and seriously impeded the ability to build consistently available and affordable early learning and care centres across the country that so many Canadian parents desperately need."


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